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Modern / Contemporary Mandolin Music & Compositions

I'm putting this here in a shameless ploy to help get better search engine rankings for "mandolin music" and maybe this will help. Hey, you want Modern Mandolin Music? Are you sure you want Contemporary Mandolin Music? Oh, nevermind...

Scores for all of the pieces on the Tim Ware Group's two albums — "The Tim Ware Group" and "Shelter From The Norm" — are freely available on this website, in Adobe PDF format (on each LP's specific page).

<ul> <li><a href="/modern-mandolin-music-tim-ware/" title="Modern Contemporary Mandolin Music" target="_blank">A comprehensive playlist of the Tim Ware Group's two mandolin-based albums</a> + a version of "Spiral Moons" recorded live in Santa Cruz, California in 1980, featuring Mark O'Connor, Darol Anger and Mike Marshall;</li> <li><a href="/acoustic-jazz-fusion/" title="Acoustic Jazz Fusion Music" target="_blank">Tim Ware Group Mach II's recordings</a>, featuring some of the San Francisco Bay Area's best jazz musicians;</li> <li><a href="/surf-music/" title="Surf Music + Electronica" target="_blank">Tim's "other" music</a>, featuring "surf" renditions of the "Theme from Lawrence of Arabia" and "The Lonely Bull" plus "Cafe Apocalypso" and "She Hangs On The Western Wall."</li> <li><a href="http://www.hyperarts.com/guitar-mandolin-film-music/" title="Film Music Composed by Tim Ware for Oregon Public Broadcasting">Documentary film music composed by Tim</a> over the past several years for Oregon Public Broadcasting &#151; <a href="http://www.opb.org/programs/oregonstory/rethinking_the_forests/" target="_blank" title="OPB - Rethinking the Forests">"Rethinking the Forests"</a>, <a href="http://www.opb.org/programs/oregonstory/ruralvoices/crane.html" target="_blank" title="OPB - Three Days at Crane">"Three Days at Crane"</a>, <a href="http://www.opb.org/programs/oregonstory/countrydocs/rural/page_1.html" target="_blank" title="OPB - Country Doctors">"Country Doctors"</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank" title="OPB - Oregon Story">The OPB series "The Oregon Story"</a> - all produced by Eric Wilder Cain.</li> </ul>

Tim Ware News

  • Three of Tim's recordings from "Shelter From The Norm" — "Bartok's Blues," "Dreaming Of New Delhi" and "Idiot Glee" — were featured in a BBC radio drama about kids who seek to learn more about their mysterious deceased father who was a mandolin player. Tim's music was used to represent this fictional man's music.

  • An 11-song CD consisting of much of the music from the Tim Ware Group's two albums has been released as the musical accompaniment to - gasp! - a collection of (really quite excellent) hors d'oeuvres to accompany the imbibing of wine (yes, it's a long story...). The music was digitally remastered at Fantasy Records in Berkeley California and the quality is excellent. You can get info at the Menus and Music Website. They called it "The Tim Ware Band," but this hopefully won't cause too much confusion (group? band? unit? ensemble? whatever...). In the process of obtaining the licensing rights from Warner Music Group and Rounder, Rounder said it was "considering" re-releasing "Shelter From The Norm," but who really knows...
  • Tim recently completed work scoring and recording the soundtrack for a third Oregon Public Broadcasting documentary, entitled "The Oregon Story: Rethinking the Forests" which should be aired later in the year. The music, recorded by Tim in his home studio, features electric and acoustic guitar and mandolin, as well as slide guitar, with strings and percussion. MP3s of this music, along with music from two previous OPB documentaries scored by Tim, will be made available on this website as soon as Tim has spiffed them up to stand alone.
  • Tim was Artist of the Week at Co-Mando.com. You can read an interview with Tim and hear a live version of "Spiral Moons," recorded in August 1980, with Tim and Mark O'Connor on mandolins, Darol Anger on Mandola, and Mike Marshall on Mandocello.
  • The complete, unexpirgated story of the Tim Ware Group v2.0. Read the sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes enthralling tale of a rebel band's search for The Big Time. Hear the music (MP3s & RealAudio) and see the pictures.
  • Scores for Tim's tunes on the two TWG albums, in Adobe PDF format, are freely available here for download (on each LP's specific page).

About the Tim Ware Group

The Tim Ware Group — composer Tim Ware (mandolin), Bob Alekno (guitar), John Tenney (violin - 1st album), David Balakrishnan (violin - 2nd album), Sharon O'Connor ('cello) and Ken Miller (bass) — recorded only two albums, but still managed to, em, alter the course of acoustic folk classical fusion music forever. From 1979 till 1984, the group pushed new acoustic music to a (some would say) higher ground.

All the music recorded by the TWG on their two albums is available here in MP3 format, and a sampling of both albums is available for online listening in RealAudio format. If Tim can ever obtain the rights to the recordings (now out of print), there will be CDs as well.

Please, feel free to have a look and listen.

Big Thanks to the talented Mr John Bird for proofing the scores, and to the gifted Mr Jason Martineau for his expert rendering of said scores into that Clean Professional Look.

Tim Ware