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World Music - Jazz Fusion

Take the psychedelic pop of the Beatles, the bluegrass-jazz of David Grisman and the jazz-rock fusion of Weather Report, run them through a maniacally eclectic personality and filter them through original compositions with such names as "(Knee-Deep in) Planet Pie" and "Illegal Irelands," and it becomes pretty clear what this Berkeley guitarist is all about. Ware's instrumental quintet rocks, swings, jumps and meanders its way through lively, uncharted musical territory that few would recognize but all should enjoy.

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Online playlist of the Tim Ware Group v. and the Tim Ware Group v.3


[L-R: Paul van Wageningen, William Kennedy, Mark van Wageningen,
David Balakrishnan, George Brooks, Joy Julks, Julian Smedley;
Front: Tim Ware]